Alianta Vin

Alianta-Vin is a full-cycle wine producing company, stably working and successfully developing since 1994. Alianta-Vin produces and offers wide assortment of wines from low alcohol wine drinks, table wines, dry, semidry, semisweet, liqueur wines, as well as vintage wines, still and sparkling made by Charmat method

The winery of the company is located in the very heart of Moldova, in Straseni town in the unique CODRU wine growing region. Since 1944 it has been operating as primary processing and production point. Production capacity allows accepting and processing of 5 thousand tons of grapes. Nowadays, they produce 3-3,5 mln. bottles per year. 

Main export markets of Alianta-Vin in Europe are Czech Republic, Poland, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Germany, etc Out of Europe the company is exporting to China, USA, Israel, Turkey, North Africa and traditional markets of CIS countries (Belorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan), where Alianta’s wines have long history of successful sales