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Website creation and maintenance calculator

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Website development

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(Price for one month)Website maintenance. Up-to-date and fresh software. Urgent solution of technical problems on the site

(Price for one month)Connecting to SMM. Automatic social media posting. Audit and planning. Full automation is possible by means of a neural network.SMM.STOC.MD

(Price for one month)Website and social media content editor. Publishing articles on the subject of your site on the social pages of your company. Two articles a week.

(Price for one month)Graphic office manager of the company. Creation of business cards and letterheads and various other forms for the company for online versions and printing. Development of QR codes

(Price for one month)Development of video clips for the PROMO company. Four videos up to 1 minute in length. Video gluing (video provided by the company), or graphic based on images and texts using special effects.

(Price for one month)Service for converting text to speech using the capabilities of a neural network. (Over 47 languages and over 200 professional voices for your services) SCRIE.MD

(Price for one month)Service of notifications. A must-have thing for working with site visitors. Provides rapid growth in conversions and leads. YOURMIRRORS.COM

(Price for one month)Universal web analytics. An essential marketing tool. Tracks user paths, replays sessions, mouse or finger movements on a site, collects a heatmap from desktop or mobile devices, and more. FOLLOW.YOURMIRRORS.COM

(Price for one month)Combine everything in one link. Create shortened URLs, unique bio-related pages: online business cards, informational landing pages, and more. Get accurate analytics about your business contacts. MYINFOCARD

An example of an online business card: Masterall

The total cost of the selected services: € 0